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Moody, Edward J.

Cleveland - Edward J. Moody, Jr., age 68 of Tullahoma died Monday, June 1 at his home surrounded by family and friends. He was a native of Cleveland, Ohio and the son of the late Edward J. and Opal Moody, Sr. He was a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer. He is survived by his wife Isabella Moody; a daughter Opal Marie Moody of Tullahoma; a son Wayne Curtis (Sandy) Moody of Wallingford, CT; two sisters Lois (Anthony) Smart of Altamont and Rosella Faith Helsing of Aurora, OH; a cousin Nicki Paige of Tullahoma and three grandchildren Xavier Ransom, Malik Ransom and Shentonie Jones. A memorial service celebrating his life will be held 7:00 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at Victory Baptist Church with Bro. Jack Lambert officiating. Online condolences may be left for the family at


ukrainewomenoci says:

But he has yet to take aim at legal court that annoys him the most

President Trump has had ample opportunity to begin transforming his judicial nemesis: A federal appeals court out West that has stymied some of his most ambitious and dubious proposals. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has long been a target for conservatives who argue it is a liberal power center out of step with other country. It now has eight openings, Giving Trump being able to reshape the court. But the White House has put forward only two picks for the open slots neither of which has been confirmed.

In a presidency that has been marked by Trump's notable successes in transforming the federal judiciary 15 circuit judges seem to have been installed under Trump, And the Senate is poised to soon confirm up to six more the famously liberal 9th Circuit excels as a glaring exception. It's all the more striking considering that the appeals court has repeatedly been the target of Trump's Twitter ire, Particularly after it issued rulings unfavorable to the liquidation, Including on the travel ban and a crackdown on private area cities.

Conservative groups really happy with Trump's judicial picks overall have so far given him a pass for not moving more quickly to reshape the 9th Circuit, Laying the slowdown at the feet of democrats.

"He tries to give them every benefit of the doubt in bringing into play them, Said carrie Severino, The chief counsel of the small Judicial Crisis Network. "You can simply go so quickly, by and large,

But others keep in mind that Trump could do more, Especially given how much he has complained about the rulings coming out of the 9th.

"There's several things where his involvement has been limited to tweets, had to talk about Ilya Shapiro, A senior fellow at the Cato Institute who has offered input to the White House on probab nominees. "he's more power than that, believe it or not, That he hasn't rooked,

The government has prioritized filling vacancies in other, More lower courts, Probably as they are easier: Those states often have two Republican senators who can quickly sign off on Trump's picks so the White House can nominate them. In the 9th enterprise, Multiple states with court openings have a pair of Democrats, Which raises odds for partisan standoffs over changes to the judiciary.

Trump, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R Ky.), Needs minimal support from Democrats to confirm judges. But there were a long standing tradition of consultation between a White House and home state senators in picking judicial nominees a practice Democrats have complained is eroding under the president. Kamala and. Harris (deborah Calif.), Who also sits upon panel, Has established herself as a leader of the liberal proof against Trump initiatives and nominees.

The White House sent five attainable names for a 9th Circuit vacancy in July to Feinstein and Harris for their review, An management official said. Two more slots have opened up since that time: Judge Alex Kozinski stepped down keep away from amid accusations of sexual misconduct, And calculate Stephen Reinhardt, A liberal fixture of a legal court, was killed in March.

typically two senators, successively, Worked on their own thoughts and sent them to the White House on Friday. One person familiar with the effort said the people suggested by the White House last year have been interviewed within the senators' nomination process.

Feinstein has recently warned the White House against nominating conservatives over her and Harris's objections, Telling vice chairman Pence and White House Counsel Donald McGahn during a January 2017 meeting that she would continue to rely on a bipartisan nominating commission in California for vacancies in her state.

"As I've said currently, Nominees for the Ninth Circuit in ca,arizona must reflect our state and its values. that doctor needs to also have the respect of the local bench and bar in their communities, Feinstein said in your firm stand out. "As this process moves forward, I expect to a dialogue with the White House Counsel's Office to come to consensus on choices Senator Harris and I will sign off on,

in addition to the three vacancies in California, The 9th Circuit has one opening each in california, state of arizona, oregon and Hawaii. The White House has put forward nominees for the latter two states.

The eighth vacancy, found in Idaho, normally takes effect in August.

Trump's existing picks for the court signal two treatments the White House could take in filling the vacancies: Cooperate with Democrats from the start for a consensus pick, Or override their protests to fit judges who enthrall the right.

One nominee is point Bennett, A former Hawaii attorney general recommended by his Democratic senators, Brian Schatz as well Mazie Hirono, According to his customer survey submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Schatz had only praise for the White House's process: "this is the way it's supposed to work, he was quoted saying, Noting it was collaborative from the start.

But in oregon, The White House has picked a young practical lawyer named Ryan Bounds, Who is scheduled to get his affirmation hearing on Wednesday despite the strenuous objections of both of his home state Democratic senators, Ron Wyden and mark Merkley. Neither have arrived their "Blue put on" For range, A century old tradition in the Senate that has generally given a home state senator veto power over a judicial nominee by not allowing a proof hearing to occur.

Bounds was important primarily by Rep. Greg Walden, really the only Republican in the Oregon delegation whose chief of staff is the nominee's sister. Merkley said the ukraine wife White House merely informed the two senators that Trump was picking Bounds a procedure Merkley called "terrible" Although Republicans have kept that Merkley and Wyden were adequately consulted.

"This hearing is a big deal because it should be a wake up call for all Democratic senators that this administration don't defer to them, Said captain christopher Kang, Who done judicial nominations as deputy counsel in the Obama White House.

It's unclear your own home White House plans to send more names to Feinstein and Harris for the California vacancies or when more nominations to the appeals court will be announced.

Far less ambiguous is how Trump me personally feels about the 9th Circuit.

He railed against it in April 2017 after a district judge for the moment halted an early executive order that would have choked off funding for "refuge cities, Which limit their cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement officials. Already beaten down by the courts on his travel ban, Trump tweeted the rulings appeared to be "hogwash" And announced: "See you in the supreme court,

Trump was disappointed in the 9th Circuit again this year.

"It just shows everyone how broken and unfair our Court System is when the opposition in a case (equivalent to DACA) Always runs to the 9th Circuit and often wins before being reversed by higher courts, He tweeted in economy is shown.

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